LifeWIRE Effect

Assumptions, Working Definitions & Explanations


  • Except where noted, all transactions are based on a single consent with a single survey provided to each participant
  • Working days presumes 5-day working weeks and does not exclude holidays during the reporting period
  • Admin Hours are estimates based on LifeWIRE experience on occasions where the primary administrators were unavailable to perform daily processing, and reflect the number of clients and processing periods
  • Admin Costs are estimates based on industry average compensation for equivelant work duties
  • Telephonic cost/call is an inclusive estimate combining per call allocations for labor, infrastructure, and administration based on industry averages
  • Calls to Connect is the number of attempts required to connect with the intended recipient in order to administer patient follow-up or survey
  • Admin Labor is an independent category reflecting the requirement of designated oversight in order to deliver outreach - values assume workers are re-assigned to alternative tasks when not performing designated messaging services

Working Definitions and Explanations:

  • Admin/Client = This represents the cost to administer each client
  • Cost/Outreach = This represents the cost of LifeWIRE and Customer Administrator to send the first message per client (validation)
  • Cost/Connect = This represents the cost of LifeWIRE and Customer Administrator to send/receive all the messages for the outreach per client (survey)